Carnegie Mellon CS-STEM Network

The CS-STEM Network's mission is to certify that students studying Computer Science and Robotics have the requisite skills needed to compete in today’s evolving economy. As part of that mission, Carnegie Mellon trains and certifies teachers on the pedagogy of teaching Computer Science, Computational Thinking Practices, and STEM in their STEM Robotics courses.


Boulder Math

Boulder Math is a new CS-STEM Network activity that is played right inside of the browser! This can be used to gauge student competencies with proportional reasoning before beginning the Movement sections. There are 5 challenges in the game that test the student’s ability to reason through distance challenges given a wheel rotation distance. We welcome your feedback!

What is CS-STEM?

CS-STEM (Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lessons integrate 21st century skills like cooperation and collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, and information and technological literacy with applied CS-STEM.

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CS-STEM Network

Alongside Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, CS-STEM Network helps promote Computer Science and STEM education for both formal and informal education settings.

CS-STEM Network Badges to Certification

CS-STEM Network Certifications certify that individuals have met introductory competencies. Using a combination of research based automated assessment tools, games, and curriculum, curriculums are at Carnegie Mellon designed to insure students and teachers reach established end of course competencies.

New in 2017, CS-STEM Network are introducing the new Badges to Certifications structure, making it easier than ever for every individual, teachers and students, to earn CS-STEM Network Badges and Certificates.