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The CS-STEM Network's mission is to certify that students studying Computer Science and Robotics have the requisite skills needed to compete in today’s evolving economy. As part of that mission, Carnegie Mellon trains and certifies teachers on the pedagogy of teaching Computer Science, Computational Thinking Practices, and STEM in their STEM Robotics courses.

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What is CS-STEM?

CS-STEM (Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lessons integrate 21st century skills like cooperation and collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, and information and technological literacy with applied CS-STEM.

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CS-STEM Certifications certify that students have met introductory competencies in CS-STEM courses. Certified teachers are able to use the CS-STEM Certification Network to track their students’ progress as they complete their courses. Certified teachers are also able to offer a Certification Courses at their school that enables their students to log into the CS-STEM network and take an end of term certification test. The CS-STEM Network uses a combination of research based automated assessment tools, games, and curriculum that were designed at Carnegie Mellon to guide students toward a successful CS-STEM career. Certifications offered on CS-STEM Network are designed to insure students and teachers reach established end of course competencies.


Courses were developed in cooperation with Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, the International Technology and Engineering Education Association, the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation, Robomatter Incorporated, and VEX Robotics. Courses include Grades 4-12 STEM Robotics, Scratch, and Alice. Courses are continually modified and upgraded base on new pedagogy and assessment tools.


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