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Feb 8, 2013

Expires: N/A

ROBOTC Programming Foundations (RVW)
ROBOTC Programming Foundations (RVW)
ROBOTC Programming Foundations (RVW)

Demonstrate mastery of programming fundamentals including statements, values, conditionals, loops, and functions using the ROBOTC programming language and the Robot Virtual Worlds Curriculum Companion simulation environment. Earned on 9/3/13

Requirements Requirements

Requirements Gold Requirements
  • Received a certified instructor's endorsement of your qualification
    • • Endorsed by Tim Friez on behalf of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
  • Attach a code sample demonstrating mastery of one or more of the following concepts: conditional statements, loops, or functions.
    • • Click here for a submitted code sample
      "This is my program from the line tracking challenge showing a conditional statement contained inside a loop. By repeating the decision code, the robot can maintain its position on the line."

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