VEX IQ Highrise - Beltway (5 minute)
Competition Overview

In this challenge, you will program your VEX IQ robot to autonomously score as many cubes as possible during the 5 minute period. The standard Highrise game has been augmented with a conveyor belt around the perimeter and several other gameplay elements. Beltway is included in the Highrise Robot Virtual World download.


For an in-depth explanation of the gameplay elements, rules, and strategies, view the User Guide.

Software Required: VEX Highrise

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How to Set Up Robot Virtual Worlds

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Rules / Requirements

    • You have 5 minutes to autonomously score as many cubes as possible.
    • The timer pauses when the robot is riding the belt.
    • Cubes are scored by stacking them on matching-colored Highrise bases and pushing them to the side of the field with goals.
    • Scoring in Beltway is the same as in VEX IQ Highrise.
    • You may drive your robot onto the arrows on the belt to start the robot moving in that direction.
    • The robot will complete one full lap around the belt if it is not stopped.
    • You can stop the robot along the belt by illuminating the Touch LED to the matching colored pad:
      • Dark Orange
      • Blue
      • RedViolet
      • Orange
      • Blue Green
      • Green
    • You can also manually spin the belt by setting the Touch LED Violet (spins the belt clockwise), Yellow (spins the belt counter clockwise), or None (stops the belt).
    • Your robot may not be controlled using remote control-based commands. Your robot may be controlledusing any other combination of commands.
    • At the end of the 5 minute period, submit your score and code to CS2N (free CS2N account required).

    Some Hints:

    • For help with autonomous programming, follow along with the lessons in the Introduction to Programming VEX IQ curriculum.
    • Use the RVW Measurement Toolkit to find the distances and angles from the robot to the cubes, goals, and any areas where the robot needs to stop or turn.
    • Think about how to use the belt to creatively move the robot and cubes around the board.
    • Use the sample programs included with the Highrise RVW to get started, found in ROBOTC by going to File > Open Sample Program, and double-clicking on the Highrise folder.
    • You may use more than one ROBOTC program to solve the challenge.

    For an in-depth explanation of the gameplay elements, rules, and strategies, view the User Guide.

    What is VEX Highrise?

    The download for VEX IQ Highrise includes the VEX IQ CS2N Beltway used in the CS2N competition.


    The VEX IQ Highrise challenge is played on a 4 foot by 8 foot rectangular field. The object of the game is to attain the highest possible score by Scoring Cubes in the Scoring Zone and by building Highrises of Cubes of the same color on the Highrise Bases.


    There are a total of 36 Cubes, 12 of each color, available as Scoring Objects in the game. There is 1 Scoring Zone and 3 Highrise Bases on the field. Each Robot (smaller than 13 in x19 in x15 in to start) begins a match on one of two Starting Positions.

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    Key Dates

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    11/01/14 to 08/31/16

    Winners Announced


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    November 01, 2014 - August 31, 2016

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