FTC Block Party - CS2N Mode 2013-14


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10/03/13 to 03/14/14

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Competition Overview


The FTC Block Party – CS2N Autonomous Mode Challenge (Autonomous Mode) is a two-minute long programming competition that takes elements from the current FTC Block Party competition and modifies them to allow the game to be played in an autonomous only mode.

The picture at the left is the FTC Block Party Game Simulation;
the picture at the right is the Autonomous Mode Challenge.


The Autonomous Mode challenge takes elements from the Block Party game and adds additional features that enable students to solve the program using autonomous programming only. 


Autonomous Game Mode Additional Game Elements

The Green Start Zones – robots start in the green Start Zones. If your robot returns to either Green Start Zone during the match you can pause the game’s Internal Timer will stop the game without a time penalty. While the clock is stopped you can: load another program to your robot and run it, rerun the same program, or switch robot types and load a new program while the clock is stopped.


The Auto Load Zones - The yellow areas are “Auto Load Zones”. If you drive into an Auto Load Zone your robot is automatically loaded with blocks and you can then take them to scoring zones the same way that you can in the actual Block Party Game.


Red Warp Zones – If you drive to the one of the Warp Zones you can press the pause button on the game interface and the game’s Internal Timer will stop the game without a time penalty and your robot will be Warped to a Green Start Zone. At that point you can: load another program to your robot and run it, rerun the same program, or switch robot types and load a new program while the clock is stopped.


Pause Button – If your robot does not reach either a Green Start Zone or the Red Warp Zone you have the option of pressing the pause button allowing you to: load another program to your robot and run it, rerun the same program, or switch robot types and load a new program while the clock is stopped, but you will take a 10 second time penalty.


 You will find a full set of rules in the Rules/Requirements Tab on this page.


Software Required: FTC Block Party

To download the software you need for this competition, Click here »


How to Set Up Robot Virtual Worlds

We have created step-by-step tutorials on how to get started with Robot Virtual Worlds. Use the links below to view them:


Free Online Course and resources

Online FTC Block Party CS2N Mode Course!

Date/Time to be determined. Sign up now! This course will be a four session course.


  1. Week One
    1. How do I score in this year’s game
    2. Getting started “How do I make my robot move”
    3. Behavior Based Programming
    4. Where to find help?
  2. Week Two
    1. Using feedback from sensors
    2. Answering beginner level questions from the forums
  3. Week Three
    1. Using feedback from sensors (continued)
    2. Using feedback from sensors embedded into loops
    3. Answering intermediate level questions from the forums
  4. Week Four
    1. Answering any questions from the forums


This is a FREE Course, but you must sign up by signing up for the course by clicking the Sign Up button below.  Once you sign up for the course details will be sent to you about the time and instructions to log in.

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ROBOTC Curriculum for TETERIX and LEGO MINDSTORMS – This link takes you to training materials designed to help new programmers learn ROBOTC.  If you are learning to program using only Robot Virtual World (RVW) software, this curriculum is designed to complement the Curriculum Companion Tables 3.0 RVW shown below. The Curriculum Companion Tables are included in all downloads of ROBOTC. You can find out more about RVW at: http://robotvirtualworlds.com/



CS2N Learn Courses:

ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams – this link will take you to a FREE ONLINE COURSE that teaches ROBOTC programming using RVW software. The course breaks the ROBOTC for TETRIX and LEGO MINDSTORMS curriculum into smaller parts and includes RVW programming challenges and quizzes.



FTC Block Party 2013-14 Forum – There are hundreds of people that log into the ROBOTC forums on a regular basis. Many of the people on the forum are world experts and will be glad to help you if you supply them with well-formed questions and examples of your code.  Additionally, there have been over 20,000 posts at the forum and so you may be able to find your answer your question at the forum.


Robot Virtual World Forums – This forum specifically addresses issues related to RVW software.


ROBOTC Wiki - When new features are added to ROBOTC and ROBOTC Robot Virtual Worlds they are documented at the ROBOTC Wiki. This example link takes you to how to configure custom remote control joysticks enabling you to use non-standard remote controls to control your RVW robots.


Frequently Asked Questions

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    Rules / Requirements

    What is FTC Block Party?


    Block Party is the 2013-14 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Challenge


    The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is part of the FIRST Robotics Continuum of activities. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. FTC is designed for students in grades 7-12 to compete head to head robotics engineering design challenges. The challenge changes every year; this year’s game is called Block Party.


    Download FTC Block Party »

    In Your Classroom

    Using CS2N Block Party In Your Classroom

    The FTC Block Party Autonomous Mode Challenge (CS2N Mode) provides that ideal opportunity for a classroom teacher, a coach, or a robotics tournament sponsor to host their own internal team or classroom competition.  The Robotics Academy has setup technology that allows students to write code and test their robots and their scores are immediately sent to the classroom teacher to post.


    The picture at the left is a picture of an example of an FTC Block Party Group
    The picture at the right is the FTC Block Party Autonomous Mode Only Challenge



    This game provides a great opportunity to teach programming in a fun way. Using CS2N you are able to track student’s progress and review their code.


    Steps to Setup a Group

    We have created a step by step guide for setting up groups. To open it up in a different window click here.


    You can download the FTC Block Party Virtual World here.


    If you have questions send them to research@cs2n.org.

    How to Participate

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    Step 2: Submit Your Score

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    Step 3: Submit Your Code

    October 03, 2013 - March 14, 2014

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