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Competition Overview

Beacons and Barriers is a level designer challenge that asks you to use the RVW Level Builder to create an awesome level for a virtual robot to navigate through! Use the Model Importer tool to create objects to serve as Checkpoints (Beacons) and Obstacles (Barriers) and then design your level to so it's fun, unique, and challenging.


Create your level, write your instructions, zip the files and upload the zipped file here!

Software Recommended: RVW Level Builder

To download the software you need for this competition, Click here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Rules / Requirements

    1. Projects must be submitted by an individual (i.e. this is not a team assignment)
    2. Levels must be created using the RVW Level Builder
    3. Projects must be zipped into a folder for upload.  The zip file will contain:
      1. The level you designed (.rvl file extension)
      2. The instructions for your level.  We recommend that you use .pdf, .rtf, or .txt file extensions.  Not everyone has Word or PowerPoint.  If a paricipant cannot open your file, they will score you with low points.
    4. Projects will be evaluated by the CS2N staff.
    5. Projects will be judged based on this rubric.
    6. Levels or instructions which contain inappropriate or offensive material will be removed from CS2N and offending users may be banned from CS2N.

    What is RVW Level Builder?

    The RVW Level Builder provides a 12'x12' square field to build on and several objects - from cans and boxes to line tracking tiles - that you can use to design challenging, unique, and fun levels!


    The RVW Level Builder also comes with a Model Importer that allows you to use your own 3D models!  This tool also allows you to modify objects to make them an unmovable object, a perilous obstacle, or a necessary checkpoint.  With these modifications tools, you can create several types of games.

    Download RVW Level Builder »

    Top entry receives a free annual license of Robot Virtual Worlds for the platform of their choice.

    Key Dates

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    10/31/13 to 08/15/16

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    October 31, 2013 - August 15, 2016

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